Rv 8a builders log book

Daily rv logbook this is a simple daily logbook to assist you in keeping records of your rv trips and expenses. Id love to build an rv8 someday, so nope, not gonna talk you out of it. Ken and randy both rvers with beautiful planes and another airport bum helped me mount both wings. Check out our checklists for rvers ebook with over 40 checklists designed just for rvers. Group of folks who are building or who have built a vans rv12 light aircraft. Mounting is easy if you have one person in the plane watching the spar and the alignment and three on the wing. Joes rv 12 a builders log of vans lsa light sport aircraft. The december issue of the rvators log is now read for download here.

On a somewhat related note now that i will have to consider maintenance etc as a builder assuming i finish in my lifetime do i have to have. This journal is a great companion as you explore the open road. Help for the homebuilder a website designed for vans aircraft homebuilders, helping. Talk me out of building a vans rv pilots of america. The report concerning grprv noted that the light aircraft association laa type acceptance data sheet tads for the vans. Building an rv vans aircraft total performance rv kit planes. Justin twilbecks real time rv10 builders logbook to document and share the experience and efforts of building an airplane. Whether your experimental aircraft is a plansbuilt eaa biplane, a vans rv, a glastar, or even a lancair ivp, kitlog pro is the most efficient way to ensure that you meet the requirements of a builder s log for the certification of your home built aircraft. I simply wish to record the main steps and add, or reinforce, ideas and techniques wherever i can. This website is dedicated to the daytoday construction of an rv7a kit plane. Home vans aircraft total performance rv kit planes.

The rv8 can be built from standard or fastbuild kit. Pictures include log book entries from last annual plane has full long book history since new. The rv7 shares many common parts with the rv8 and rv9 which reduces. This is my blog that will feature my progress as i build my rv8 aircraft. I saw someone elses build log whod done the same thing, and theyd. Rv aircraft homebuilder resources rv6, rv6a, rv7, rv. I want to break in the engine on the ground and its recommended to use a cooling shroud to keep the temperatures under control.

Nothing compares to being on the road as an rv enthusiasts. We will load lots of images, tips, tricks and techniques that we learn ourselves and from others on the net. Whether you are headed to a national park, a state park, or just to your favorite campsite with friends, this log book allows you to record all those memorable places you visited. Rv8hangar follow my journey of building a vans rv8 aircraft. I folded the sheet in half to help me initially position the paper at or near the centerline. What records must i keep to document the construction of my homebuilt aircraft. Sometimes it takes a village one of the more exciting aspects of building an rv is experiencing the vast community of builders and their enthusiasm for helping others. In 2008, vans claimed that most builders can complete their rv7 projects for. My rv9a smittys experimental aircraft building blog. A site catering to the lifestyle of building and flying vans aircraft rv kitplanes. We encourage you to check in and visit with the many people who are already building or flying rvs.

Builders often band together to provide mutual assistance read more. This little site will document the progress on the building of our vans rv8 experimental aircraft. There is no standard or official form for the builder records. This site will chronical the construction of a kitbuilt vans aircraft rv8. Builder groups vans aircraft total performance rv kit. I hope my friends and any fellow rv builders who come to this site enjoy it.

Short strips, out of the way places, local airports. I do not intend to log every step of the build as people like dan checkoway us and richard horan uk have done a wonderful job. That spreadsheet gets updated whenever i fill a sheet of binder paper i have taped to my workshop door. The vans rv7 and rv7a are twoseat, singleengine, lowwing homebuilt airplanes sold in. The rv8a is similar to the rv8 except that the rv8a has a nosewheel rather than. Present stage of construction photo 082717 the aircraft is about complete and in need of a power plant builder note. I hope you find my log useful if you are researching or thinking about building an rv8 8a. Building an rv does not require any special skill, but it does demand attention. N798rv build log showplanes fastback, io390, g3x touch. Follow my progress as i start from a pile of aluminum pieces and create an.

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