Should i get iphone 5 now or wait for iphone 5s

Sep 21, 2017 the iphone 8 and 8 plus are here, and before you know it, the iphone x will join them. S versions also tend to perform better with software updates. Should i buy the iphone 6s or wait for the iphone 7. Get the iphone 6s now 64gb if you have some cash leftover and really want the 7 later this year you should be able to sell off the 6s for a very fair price. Theyll also be very different experiences, from hardware to software to services and back. When to upgrade if you have an old iphone 5, 5s, 6, or 6s. If youve got an aging iphone 5 in your hands, you can be forgiven if feeling like your old phone is more. The iphone 5s is refined, works great and if tradition continues, its going to have four years of software updates. After the iphone 5s launch, its time to let the iphone 6. It allows you to transfer messages, contacts, photos and calendar from old iphone 5 to iphone. Many users opted for the iphone 5s ahead of competing handsets due to its compact nature.

Newer devices have been designed to adapt to the rollover, according. While you could get all of this out of older phones, none deliver with as much. So i heard the iphone 5sc comes out next month and i have an iphone 4 and i can get an upgrade now well i kinda want to wait for the new iphone but the only thing is when iphones come out they are really expensive like the iphone five where i live was 200 dollars and now its only 99 and my mom has to pay for the phone. Well i was going to get the iphone 5 but they said that they will be releasing it at june however theyve delayed it now. Everything you need to know about the next iphone resist the temptation to buy a new iphone right now. Apr, 20 if you are one of the people who hasnt upgraded to the iphone 5 yet and have been waiting for the 5s or whatever apple decides to call it, should you still hold off until fall or go for a 5 now. Feb 27, 2014 the galaxy s5 has only just been announced while the iphone 5s has been available since september 20. So if you have an iphone 5, 5s, 6, or 6s or even if youre holding on to a practically ancient iphone 4 or 4s here are the 5 reasons why you should upgrade to a new iphone.

Because the iphone 5 and 5c models are on the bottom rung of the ios 10 compatibility ladder, if any iphone is going to experience issues running the new. Should i get an iphone 4 now or wait for the iphone 5. My mum told me that she finally has the money and she can buy me a new phone and the price doesnt matter. Shall i wait for the iphone 5s comes out or get the 5 now. Even if it requires borrowing a phone to get through a month, it is now time to stop looking at the iphone 5 and wait for the iphone 5s even if you plan to buy the iphone 5 in the end. If thats soon for you then wait, if not, get the 5. If you were thinking about an iphone 4s, id say yes at least.

If you have an iphone 6s or older, its officially time to upgrade to a new phone. Im currently using the sony xperia mini the first xperia and its been 2 years or so and i really want a new phone. Until today, the iphone 11 was the smallest new iphone. My phone is trash and super slow now so i do need a new phone. I have an iphone 5s, which iphone should i upgrade to the. While some might consider the the latest, greatest iphone 5s a no brainer when it comes to their next purchasing decision, others might think the funner, less expensive iphone.

There are probably too many components to do that thinking of new features like wireless charging, though. Once you know youre getting an iphone and now, you need to decide which iphone you want to get. According to design and features suggestions, iphone 5s will get better. I currently have an iphone 4s and im debating weather i should just buy the iphone 5 now, or wait for the next iphone to come out, what does everyone think i should do. Currently i m on a payg nokia lumina so when i change isnt a problem. Experts expect it to be similar to the recently released iphone 5, but it should have some better hardware and perhaps some additional fun features. Jul 25, 2012 the iphone 5 looks sure to have most, if not all of those things, too, but it wont get here for a few months. On the internet, i keep seeing articles about the iphone 6 being a revolutionary phone thats going to change the game for apple. Money the 6s is cheaper than the iphone 7, so for me on a budget, i can afford the 6s and. Buy iphone 5 now or wait for iphone 5s iphone, ipad. How long you have to wait depends on how dark your scene is, and. Should i get the iphone 5 now or wait for the iphone 5s. In this edition of ask maggie, i offer advice to a desperate iphone 3gs devotee on whether he should hold out for the iphone 5.

Should i buy the iphone 5 now, or wait for the iphone 5s 6. The new model takes the same approach, stuffing a lot of the iphone 11 hardware. You can save money choosing the iphone 5 over a newer iphone, but heres the big. I currently have an iphone 5s and am going to upgrade to an 11 but. Here are 5 reasons you definitely shouldnt buy the iphone. Delays now expected, should you wait for the iphone 5s. My iphone 5 was sold, so, should i get the 5s now o wait for. The longest i can wait for before getting a new phone is around august 27th.

If youve managed to hold on to your 2012era iphone 5 until now, you should probably update. I own an iphone 5, should i upgrade to iphone 6s or iphone. Aug, 20 with iphone 5s release date coming closer, the most heated question these days is should i wait for iphone 5s or just buy the iphone 5. The question got more serious in last few weeks when. Apple also used a naming system 4, 4s, 5, 5s that suggested. If youre always waiting for the next best thing, then youre just going to end up waiting indefinitely. Anyone on a budget might do just fine with last years model, the iphone xr, which now sells for. Should i wait for iphone 5s or iphone 6 o apple community. However, until the iphone 6 launches presumably in september of 2014 theyll be the two top phones on the market. Should i get the iphone 5s, or wait for the iphone 6. Should i get the iphone 5s or wait for the iphone 6. Feb 06, 2014 i have an iphone 4s and my upgrade date is next week. If youre buying a phone to keep for four or five years, you might want to wait for an. If i get the iphone 5, i have an upgrade in a year too.

Your iphone 5s should work really well at this point of time. My iphone 3gs died of old age and i was eligable for an upgrade. Get the iphone 5 now as the next iphone isnt coming before september. Sep 12, 2012 should i get the iphone 5 or wait for iphone 5s 6. Musthave upgrade or will you decide to wait for the iphone 6. Apr 09, 2018 the iphone 5 is packed full of great features, but there are also a number of things that youll get on newer phones that arent available. Keep in mind the iphone 6 will be a first generation device. The 6s will last you for another 3 year for sure, my 5s was more then fine when i sold it after 2 years.

Will the internet clog with the festering opinions of disappointed apple fans. The iphone 5s is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by apple inc. If so, do you think this will drop the prices of a new iphone 5. A new iphone will be released in 2014, so if you want that one you should wait. Should i buy the iphone 5 or wait til the 6 or 5s comes. Do you think its going to come out in august like the rumors say. Dec 26, 2019 the answer to this question comes down to the differences between iphone 6 and iphone 5s and what the iphone 6 will offer over the current iphone 5s in all respects.

It is the seventh generation of the iphone, succeeding the iphone 5, and unveiled. I currently have an iphone 4s and i m debating weather i should just buy the iphone 5 now, or wait for the next iphone to come out, what does everyone think i should do. Do i go for one of the 5s or 6s, or should i wait for a 7. Apr 10, 20 due to having read many web articles on when the iphone 5s 6 will be released i m not sure wether to grab the iphone 5 now or wait for the next gen. Jul 10, 2018 should i buy an iphone 5s or an iphone 6. Should i wait for the next iphone or just get one now.

Should i buy the iphone 5 or wait for the iphone 5s. My iphone 5 was sold, so, should i get the 5s now o wait. Sep 20, 2012 the iphone 5 preorders kicked off last friday at 12. Should you buy an iphone 5s now or wait for the iphone 6. The iphone 5s and the now discontinued iphone 5 both feature the same 4inch retina display with the.

Hopefully yes and you can use the money you have set aside for the iphone 11 for an even better. Im shifting from an iphone 5c to the 6s in a week, and my reasons for doing so are 1. The 5s wont be out for some time at least 6 months or more from now so youll actually have the 5 for a long time before a newer model comes out if you get it. Ive heard that the 6 will be coming out sometime in september or before christmas. My question is, should i get the 5s or wait for the iphone 6. Transfer files from iphone 5 to iphone 6s with mobiletrans. May 16, 2014 and even now, its not uncommon to see big discounts on the iphone 5s and 5c from thirdparty retailers, so you wont have to wait until the fall to get a good price. Apples smallest new iphone, with more storage, is a better bet than the iphone 6s but keep in mind the internals are now a year older.

Pst and it only took a few hours for delivery estimates to start to slip well into october. But since it is more than 7 months to the launch od iphone 5, i doubt iphone 5s or iphone 6 will be launched very soon. If youve waited this long, can you wait another 5 months. By matt peckham september 9, 2014 apple just made it a lot harder to pick an iphone. And they should get the largest iphone 5s they can afford, since those games take up lots of space. With iphone 5s release date coming closer, the most heated question these days is should i wait for iphone 5s or just buy the iphone 5. Youll have to do without touch id, 3d touch, stereo speakers, live photos, wireless charging, and much more. I have a broke down android right now and my upgrade is coming up. Oct 30, 20 the iphone 6 concepts of course started appearing even before the iphone 5s was launched, but now that the new handsets are old news, the concept bandwagon is gathering speed.

You also can choose transfer iphone 5 data to iphone 6s with wondershare mobiletrans. Having recently purchased a mac book and ipad i think syncing my phone with. You cannot currently find a better iphone than this. To help them out of this quandary and to make an informed decision about whether to buy now or wait, here we make an iphone 6 comparison with iphone 5s in respects like features. Lets see, who should wait and who should buy one of the currently. Should i wait for some more time for the launch of next iphone or go go for iphone 5. Should i get the 5s or wait even longer with my sorry phone and get the 6. Apple introduced the iphone 5s and iphone 5c in september last year and is supposed to release a new flagship iphone 6 or whatever the new iphone is calledin this years september. Now that apples new iphones are out, theres a bigger difference than ever. The 5s is awesome, and given the introduction of a 64 bit chipset, it is more future proofed than any device out right now. I would go for the iphone 5, however i have heard the iphone 5s will be coming out in septemberfallautumn time.

It can wait until the end of your phone contract, or the holidays. It could be argued that the iphone 5s actually looks a little dated in appearance, considering the trend for ever larger smartphones. Apr 30, 2014 for those trying to decide whether or not you should buy an iphone 5s or wait for the iphone 6, here are a few things to consider. Aug 22, 20 ok so on my contract i can now get an upgrade. Which is the better to buy iphone 6s or iphone 7 in todays scenario. Should i wait for the next iphone or get iphone 5 now. I have an iphone 5s, which iphone should i upgrade to the 6s, 7 or 8.

Why iphone 5 and 5c owners should not download ios. Some people will know immediately which one they want. Now, your iphone 6s should have all the data of iphone 5. Jan 24, 2015 here are some of the reasons why iphone 5s owners might be advised to wait before upgrading. Update your iphone 5 before november 3rd to keep email, web, and. Of course, if you have a pre2014 iphone something like the 5s or earlier upgrading to the 7 or 7 plus will get you a bigger screen, much faster processor, 3d touch screen and a host of.

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